About Us

Bringing Change Through Innovation


ZANALA Systems Limited has been formed to use technology in innovative ways, creating pleasing user experiences and ensuring greater efficiency. And we blend process innovation, hardware and software technology to achieve that. We want to add value and make a difference in all the things that we do.


Our roots are in design, human-machine interfacing and interactive applications with which we have developed various projects for banks, business houses, NGOs and the government. Our solutions are the end products of 14 years of experience and thorough research.


The company is the sister concern of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd., a market communication company that has been operating for 14 years now. ZANALA Bangladesh has been one of the very few early movers of user experience design in Bangladesh. Hence, ZANALA Systems benefits from the parent company’s long experience of working with diverse industry verticals.


Innovation is in our blood. We design each solution based on a very practical need, keeping in mind all the constraints.


User Experience Design
Innovation and user-experience drives the design process for all our products. We are meticulous in how we build our products and look to produce the best quality hardware.


While ZANALA Systems does many things including custom solution development, software and hardware integration, our mission remains very clear; to create superb experience and flawless performance which totals to a robust solution.


Our team
The multidisciplinary team at ZANALA System is comprised of creative machine designers, implementation specialists, hardware and software integrators, sales experts and support professionals. With professional experience and diverse industry exposure, the team always concentrates on producing results.


Our talented pool of engineers, designers and support staffs dedicate their full efforts to creating exceptional systems and providing excellent customer service. ZANALA Systems truly does have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a total kiosk solution all under one roof.Our Kiosks have been implemented at places like hospitals, banks, educational institutes and events like exposition, workshop and seminars. If something goes wrong, we take total responsibility, provide timely support and service.